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Hongkonger in Seattle

Hong Kong



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Hong Kong does not have consulates or embassies.

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*Immigrant Population is an estimated sum of the number of naturalized Americans from this country and citizens from this country living in the Seattle Metro Area under any sort of immigration visa.  It does not count the American offspring or descendants of immigrants from this country, which can go back many generations and account for large numbers of people.  1,000 is the default number when we don’t have a better count.


Cantonese. English is widely spoken as a second language.


Hongkonger is not a nationality in the usual sense of the word.  It is not its own country; it is part of China.  However, Hong Kong was/is sufficiently distinct and there is enough Hongkonger influence in Seattle to include it as part of this directory.  The Chinese takeover and assimilation of Hong Kong is a tragedy continuing to unfold.


Immigration from Hong Kong picked in the 1980’s.  There are fewer Hongkongers in Seattle than in Vancouver BC, but they have made their marks and homes here too.  If you are looking to learn or experience Hongkonger (Cantonese) cuisine and culture in Seattle, then you will not need to travel far.  Lunar New Year is always a good time to get on your Hong Kong in Seattle!

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