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San Francisco, CA

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*Immigrant Population is an estimated sum of the number of naturalized Americans from this country and citizens from this country living in the Seattle Metro Area under any sort of immigration visa.  It does not count the American offspring or descendants of immigrants from this country, which can go back many generations and account for large numbers of people.  1,000 is the default number when we don’t have a better count.


German, French, Italian. English is normally learned at school.


The first Swiss in this region began arriving over 100 years ago.  Some of these early settlers came to raise cows and to farm out around the Skykomish River in Monroe, WA.  Later, Switzerland sent more skilled labor, including engineers, craftsmen, chefs, and hotel managers.


The Seattle Swiss Society has been a continuously active social club for local Swiss for over 100 years!  Additional Swiss groups in Western Washington include:

  • Swiss Sportsman’s Club of Tacoma
  • Swiss Ladies Society Helvetia
  • Monroe Swiss Colony
  • Lewis-Pacific Swiss Society
  • Swiss Ladies Enzian Choir

Good Local Contact for this Nation is

Philippe Goetschel, Honorary Consul at: