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Become a #GlobalGateway Cultural Partner


This #GlobalGateway partnership program aims to build meaningful connections with international cultural groups, nonprofits, schools, newspapers, and event organizers in the Puget Sound region. By partnering with us, these organizations can promote their public events and gain visibility on our platform while helping us enhance our content and outreach efforts. 

What does #GlobalGateway offer to partners?

  • Banner Placement: Your organization’s banner will be prominently displayed on the #GlobalGateway home page.
  • Event Promotion: We will promote your community’s public events on our calendar of international community events in Western WA.
  • Partner Badges: Display custom digital badges on your website to signify your collaboration with #GlobalGateway.
  • Collorative Projects and Networking Events:  We are open to collaborative projects and welcome you to participate in an upcoming meeting of the Seattle Historic Waterfront Association.

What do we ask in return from partners?

In return for these benefits, we ask our partners to support #GlobalGateway in the following ways, as possible and applicable.

  1. Review Nationality Profile:

    • Ensure the information in our directory about your cultural or ancestral home country’s community in Seattle is complete and accurate. Provide updates or corrections as needed.
  2. Spread the Word About Our Internship Program:

    • Help us reach potential interns by sharing information about our internship program within your network. This program offers valuable experience and benefits to participants.
  3. Introduce Us to Travel Influencers and Reporters:

    • Connect us with travel influencers or reporters from your cultural or ancestral home country who might be interested in covering Seattle for their readers and viewers.
  4. MOST IMPORTANT:  Keep doing your work!

Sister City Associations

Seattle sister city associations are encouraged to join the #GlobalGateway Partnership Program. This collaboration will further strengthen our international ties and mutual support.

Thank you for your interest in partnering with #GlobalGateway. We look forward to collaborating with you to celebrate and promote the rich cultural diversity of Seattle and Washington.


For any questions or further information, please contact us.